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Specializing in prosthetics & orthotics

Welcome to Anderson Orthopedics

Anderson Orthopedics is a private prosthetics and orthotics clinic with locations in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Anderson Orthopedics, specializes in prosthetics & orthotics fabricated in Winnipeg using state-of-the-art practices, quality components & suitable design. Most of all Anderson’s House has been serving Manitobans Prosthetic and Orthotic needs since 1945.

Our staff is trained to assess, design, fabricate, fit and provide follow-up services for our patients therefore providing a one stop shop. For more information

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AO is proud that in initiative that we have taken Limbloss in 1 year has raised money, and is now taking applications for funding please click on the link below to get application.

Application dead line is MARCH 15th, 2019