Cervical Collars

There may be some skin redness from pressure areas. Redness should not persist for more than 15 minutes after removal. Persistent redness can be a sign of excess pressure. If you experience numbness, tingling, colour change, excessive itching, swelling, or if pain develops, please contact our office for adjustments. Failure to do so could lead to blisters or open sores. Do not attempt to modify your orthosis.

The collar is designed to support your neck and limit the motion of your spine. You should wear it 24 hours each day unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. Removal of the cervical collar for washing should be done only with your doctor’s authorization. If it is approved, your neck must be immobilized during the procedure. Your orthosis or lining can be cleaned with a wash cloth and mild soapy water. If your orthosis has a removable liner it can be removed and hand washed with a mild detergent, thoroughly rinsed, and air dried. Make certain all soap residue is removed and the orthosis is completely dry before re-applying. A hair dryer on a cool setting can be used to help dry the othosis.  Make certain the orthosis is re-applied properly, with all straps secured snugly.

Make sure you are comfortable with how to properly put on and take off your orthosis.

Please inspect your orthosis daily for any signs of wear or decreased effectiveness of the straps and call our office as needed. Ensure you follow your doctor’s instructions for wear and usage.