Air Walker Boot

Applying an Air Walker Boot

May be applied in sitting or when in bed with leg supported – please note a long sock/stockinet must be used under the boot.


  • Place foot in boot with heel back as far as possible – this is easier to do with a bent knee.
  • Secure upper and lower liner sections with air pump centered in middle.

  • Place plastic shield over liner – air pump must line up with hole on shield.
  • Start with securing the strap at the ankle followed by:
    • Strap on top of boot
    • Strap over foot

Final position of boot after applying:

  • Straps should be snug enough to hold boot in place but loose enough to fit one finger under to prevent problems with circulation.

Fianl Instructions:

  • Wear as instructed by healthcare provider.
  • Remove routinely and monitor skin for redness and pressure.
  • If you experience any sensation changes, persistent redness or skin irritation, increased or excessive swelling or pain, contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible.
  • Wash with mild detergent and warm water as needed – air dry.