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Specializing in prosthetics & orthotics

Welcome to Anderson Orthopedics

Anderson Orthopedics is a private prosthetics and orthotics clinic with locations in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Anderson Orthopedics, specializes in prosthetics & orthotics fabricated in Winnipeg using state-of-the-art practices, quality components & suitable design. Most of all Anderson’s House has been serving Manitobans Prosthetic and Orthotic needs since 1945.

Our staff is trained to assess, design, fabricate, fit and provide follow-up services for our patients therefore providing a one stop shop. For more information

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Have you heard the news? Our satellite office in Brandon, Manitoba is now located at 602 1st St. Brandon, MB, R7A 6K5
This new building is fondly know by locals as the “old MPI building” and is located just across the street from Prairie Mountain Health Hospital.
Our new Brandon clinic has added clinical/technical space, modernized equipment, and new staff additions!
We’re so excited to share this new space with you while still providing our high quality of care. Book your appointment today! 204-729-8216